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Healing Modalities

Heart and Soul Light Center offers healing modalities that have been in existence for thousands of years. These are not New Age ideas, rather, they come from cultures around the world that have held these teachings sacred and have been kept from the general public.  These ancient teachings are now being made available to everyone.

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24 Strand DNA Activation
(activating the light body)

  • Brings in, then enables you to hold more light within your physical body (assists with 5D ascension).

  • Empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities.

  • Gives you more energy and clarity.

  • Strengthens your Immune System.

  • Assists releasing of unconscious patterns.

  • Increases your ability to use more of your brain

  • Creates the greatest potential for the full connection and integration with your higher self.

Starseed Harmonic Frequency Healing

  • Restores vibrational health and well-being by removing or modifying any energies that are in disharmony with your highest good.

  • Helps to clear mind clutter, release stress, facilitate emotional clearing, and restore cellular balance.

  • Has been known to reduce pain due to arthritis and ease side effects of chemo therapy.

This unique modality utilizes crystals, chimes, and a tuning fork to cleanse and harmonize a your energy to promote the highest vibration and frequency for your well being. 

Energetic and Elemental Balancing

  • Looking into your auric energy and clearing out what does not belong.

  • Balancing the etheric, elemental, and magnetic energies in your body and aura.

  • Light is added to the areas of your aura that need it as well as balancing your energies that are out of balance.

All disease begins in your aura before it manifests in the physical body. This includes false beliefs, the dark energies in our world, old woundings and unprocessed emotions.

Note: This is a particularly intimate modality and it’s important to trust the practitioner that you are working with.

Galactic Ray Healing

En Sof is the Source of Light and the highest form of Divinity that exists.  In Native American teachings, it is referred to as the Nagual. It is the uncreated and unmanifested, it is everything and nothing at the same time. In the Qabalah, these energies are called the Rays of the First Creation. These rays literally are the first “created” in the Galactic world we exist as a part of. 


To be in touch with these Galactic Rays is to be in touch with your own Christ Consciousness. This is based on the awareness of the qualities of Compassion and Empathy. Some call these qualities forgiveness. The Ray we work with has the energy of purity and clarity. It is sometimes called the Hermetic Ray.


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