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Etheric Clearing

Heart and Soul Light Center offers etheric clearing. This means that everything that exists now in the physical first existed in the etheric or the layers of the aura.  This is true for diseases and thought forms.  Clearing stuck emotional energy, thought forms or belief structures, and trans-temporal trauma that appear as dark spots in the aura can be removed which can bring a clearing that results in a sense of peace and well being,

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Etheric Cord Cutting

When humans connect intimately with others, whether on an emotional or physical level, they create etheric cords between them which helps to keep them energetically connected with one another.  If these relationships are unhealthy, these cords can be very depleting to your vital life force energy. 


Once created, these energetic cords remain active for a period of 7 years, even if the relationship has ended. Cutting these cords restores you to your own vital life force. Even if you are in a healthy relationship, it can be very good to clear out these cords on a regular basis (once every 6-12 months) to maintain harmony and balance.

Karmic Matrix Cord Removal

  • Removes the many layers of Karmic Matrix that we are all born with.

  • Usually needs to be done multiple times to fully clear out all the karmic matrices.

  • Once removed, you can release old habits easier and have greater autonomy from limitations.


If you find yourself being triggered frequently, this can often be the cause.  This Karmic Matrix looks like a double helix wrapped around the spine and can frequently lead to chronic back pain.

Curse Removal

Not that you’ve actually been “cursed” by someone, but we all carry the burdens of false beliefs or negative thought forms of our parents and ancestors.  Do you ever catch yourself saying things like, “I’m never lucky in love,” or “I’ll never have enough money”? Or maybe someone continues to speak ill of you.  Remember, words carry energy and that energy has an impact.  These can be removed easily so you are free to create something better.


Included in this service is a Good Spell casting which can help in matters of life such as love, finances, friendship, etc.

House Sanctification

Clear out the energies from previous owners at a minimum.

If you have other entities, those can be cleared out as well.  Price varies depending on size of your home. I guarantee my work.

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